A River Blue

How It Works

Through individual donations, grants and family foundations, A River Blue currently sponsors fifty-seven students in and around Alebtong, Uganda.

Every year, twenty-six students are sponsored through A River Blue Vocational Training Center which offers a hybrid curriculum that mixes tailoring, agroforestry, tropical agriculture, animal husbandry, English, counseling and business. Students rotate between classes, giving them a variety of skills that offers them more opportunity and a chance to support themselves while build back their community.

A River Blue is limited in the training and education that it can offer. We realize that students have individual needs that should be supported. Therefore, an additional thirty-one students are sponsored by A River Blue through a variety of outside programs including secondary school, catering/hotel management, and various other vocational training programs.

A River Blue Field Staff

Mr. Okweny George Ongom - Project Coordinator & Instructor


Mrs. Akao Sarah Otengo - Psychosocial Counseling, Business & English Instructor


Angura Joel - Sustainable Tropical Agriculture Instructor


Miss Akullo Molly - Tailoring & Garment Preparation Instructor


Mr. Christopher Elem - Music, Dance and Drama Instructor


Akullo Dorcas - ARB Alumni Instructor - Tailoring


Abeja Grace - Cook


Acuku Evelyn - Cook


Ocaka David - Watchman


Ogwang Martin - Groundskeeper


Otim Bosco - Groundskeeper


Oculi Richard - Shepherd