A River Blue

How you can VOLUNTEER with A River Blue

A River Blue offers a variety of different ways that you can volunteer and help make a difference locally and by being on the ground in Alebtong.

1. Volunteer In Your Community

The easiest way to volunteer is by organizing local fundraiser/awareness campaigns in your community. Our big push in the past year has been to collect art supplies for the students of A River Blue and the Alebtong community. Check back soon to see past, present and future fundraisers for A River Blue. Please email us if you're interested at chandler.griffin@ariverblue.org.

Kailee Karst organizes Vestal High School

From November 14th - 28th, 2007, Kailee Karst of Vestal High School and The Vestal High School Art Club organized an art supply fundraiser in their local community where they collected crayons, markers, paper and other art suppiles that are currently being used by field volunteer, Bethany Sack, at Alebtong Primary School.

Kailee had this to say, “Programs like A River Blue are very important; through these programs it is evident that there is hope for a better future. I was inspired by A River Blue because art has been a very important part of my life. Through art I have been able to express my negative emotions in a productive and healing way. I wanted to share this ability to heal with the children in Uganda, and show them that there is hope for a better tomorrow. By organizing an art drive at my school I was able to raise awareness as well as art supplies to help these children. It is important to give what you can and look outside your own life because in doing so you realize that the smallest kind actions can change the world. ”

New Oxford High School

English teacher James Farrelly and his students at New Oxford High School organized two fundraisers for A River Blue. 1. Three boxes of art supplies were shipped to A River Blue 2. James and his students raised an additional $250.00 for A River Blue.

New Jersey Brownie Troop

A New Jersey Brownie troop has organized multiple art supply fundraising events for A River Blue which included music and an art auction.

2. Volunteer/Internship - A River Blue / Barefoot Workshops.

Barefoot Workshops will be accepting interns for A River Blue to help with organizing and editing field media, working with traveling exhibition/ARB book of artwork director and also with outreach campaigns to schools and universities. Please email us if you're interested at chandler.griffin@ariverblue.org.

3. Field Volunteer

If you are over eighteen and are looking to gain knowledge in the field along with contributing your skills to help the A River Blue Community, please contact us. The A River Blue Field Volunteer Placement Program requires at least a one month commitment. This is a volunteer position and is not paid. Volunteers are required to provide all transportation to and from the field and they must be able to cover their own basic expenses. ARB Field Volunteer Placement Program is currently looking for volunteers for 2009. This section of the website will be expanding soon so please check back. Email us if you're interested at chandler.griffin@ariverblue.org.

2008 Volunteers

Bethany Sack - ARB field volunteer,May/July 2008.

Margaret Pardue - ARB field volunteer, July/August 2008.

2009 Volunteers

David Wright - ARB visiting photographer and field volunteer, January/february 2009.